Zuckmann Villa


A place where you can feel history. The renovated Zuckmann Villa has its roots in Zuckmann’s house that embellished Pieštany promenade in the 18th century.

Zuckmann Villa


Come and enjoy truly exceptional gastronomy. There is beauty in simplicity and our chefs are inspired by this motto to prepare a menu you´ll love.

Zuckmann Villa

Meetings and gatherings

Have a business and want to organise a meeting in a comfortable and stylish environment? Or looking for the perfect place for your family celebration? Zuckmann Villa is the right place for you… 

Vitajte Welcome Willkommen

Welcome to Zuckmann Villa pages. In the heart of Pieštany where you can find rest from your daily routine while savouring delicious food and drinks. Where you´ll be indulged by our staff and absorbed by the atmosphere of old Pieštany. Where you can spend the night in beautiful and comfortable suites or celebrate anything with friends in style. Come, everyone will be happy to welcome you...



Zuckmann Villa